My first brand


My first brand

I was sixteen years old when I first experienced the difficulties of creating brands. At that time my big passion was fashion, so I decided to design an own clothing line. My fascination for the French language combined with my warm feelings for the autumn season gave inspiration to the brand name “Le Glande”, which I believed meant nothing but acorn. I used that name on all my sketches, some shirts and wrote about it on my (luckily unknown) blog. I was very proud of my new brand and started to dream of a successful future, until one day when I wore the ”Le Glande” shirt to a French class. My teacher asked why I had that, let’s say not so very appropriate, word written on my shirt. A bit confused, I looked the word up and realized that the word had several meanings. There and then, I made the decision to kill my brand.

Now five years later, I am finishing my third year at Stockholm School of Economics, Center for Retailing, significantly wiser when it comes to creating brand names with appropriate associations. Over time, my interest for brands turned in to my new passion and today I have gained knowledge about for example brand development and communication. Thanks to the courses offered in the bachelor program, such as Consumer behavior, Brand communication, Market analysis, Brand and category management and In-store marketing, I have received tools and a broad picture of how to work with brands.

My Russian roots and my interest in other cultures and languages have made me aware of the differences between markets. I know that an understanding of the surrounding and the context of a brand are essential for creating a successful brand.
I also have some experience in brand communication. For the past two years I have been responsible for the communication of the brand and the company’s activities at Wilhelm Pettersson Guldsmedsaffär, a family-owned company in the jeweler business.  The close contact that the company has with both customers and suppliers has provided me an insight into customer’s, as well as manufacturer’s needs.

So here we are, my blog and I, ready to dig deaper into the world of brands. I sincerely hope that you will join me!




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