X factor being pepsified


X Factor being Pepsified

Coca-Cola being a world known brand is no news. It’s also well known that Pepsi is chasing the number one  position earned by the Coca-Cola brand. What do surprise me, though, is the (according to me) tacky way in which Pepsi market the brand.

My boyfriend and I are currently following X-factor US. We have seen all the episodes in season two and are now half way through season one.

cola girl
(my boyfriend and I watching X Factor US)

Besides our fascination for the amazing talents who participate in the show, we are almost as fascinated by how Pepsi permeats every episode. The method of placing brands in movies and reality shows has been used for many years. But I have to say that I’ve never seen such an obvious product placement.

(this picture is borrowed here)

A glas of Pepsi is not only  found next to every judge during the auditions and live shows (in every episode!) but is also present at the judges homes. The peak of distastefulness is reached during an episode where the judges and participants in the competition try out different (new) flavours of Pepsi and chooses their favourite.

What surprises me the most is not so much the aggresive marketing but the fact that people actually buy the concept. My experience of the american culture is limited so the following is only a guess, but I think that this way of marketing a brand has to do with the differences in cultures. I doubt that the concept would have worked in Sweden.

( this picture is borrowed here)

Then again, I’ve been studying marketing for a while now and my creative personality always pushes me to think outside of the box. So maybe I just find this way of promoting a brand too obvious and boring.

And as I mentioned in the beginning, Coca-Cola is the number one brand and I think that Sweden is more of a Coke-country (and I’m definitely a Coke-girl) than a Pepsi-country. And that fact probably colors my point of view.

To be fair, Pepsi is also doing some great things for the show and potential participants (read about it here) but sometimes less is more!



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