Here I am again.
I feel guilty for abandoning this blog during such a  long period, but now that I feel inspired and full of topics that I would like to discuss, you will surely see more of me here.

Also some things have changed since I last wrote here. I am no longer a brand-studying student – I received my Bachelor Degree at Stockholms School of Economics just before the summer. And now I have moved on to working with brands instead. 

Without telling to much, I can reveal that I have been working at an international B2B company for the last 6 months, helping the company’s brand to get a voice and to get that voice heard in different marketing channels.

Since I’ve primarly studied B2C marketing, I have learned a lot about the differences (but also the similarities) between B2B and B2C brands and marketing communication. My plan is to bring up these differences and similarities for discussion in my upcoming posts.

This is all for now, but I will make sure to be back here soon, I almost promise!



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